​Competitors Wanted!


quite simply, we're looking for young women who want to be the best and are willing to do what it takes to get there.


Row West is a high level racing camp with limited spots available. We will be inviting between 27-30 rowers and 3-4 cox'ns. This will be an elite group. Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Erg Performance
  • Body type
  • Age (we hope to invite at least 8 rowers and 1 cox'n who are 2003 birthdays or younger)
  • Race resume 
  • Coach's recommendation
  • Statement of purpose (we're going to ask you to write a short essay)

All of these criteria operate on a sliding scale. High marks in one area can make up for lower scores in others. 

Row West Racing Camp

Skill. Courage. Commitment. 

​Camp Phases

Training Content

Training - June 19th - July 11th (Tentative!)

The training phase will involve intensive on and off the water learning, practice and competition that will ultimately determine boating assignments for USRowing Nationals. Campers can expect 10-11 water sessions per week in addition to weekly classroom sessions focused on topics ranging from nutrition to mental toughness to mobility and strength. 

USRowing Nationals - July 13th-19th

Assuming the regatta is put on this year, the team will fly to New Jersey for a week of racing at the premier summer regatta in the U.S. Our goal is to get our athletes as many high level racing opportunities as the schedule allows. 

Rowing Fundamentals
Improve your posture, stroke mechanics and bladework. 


Erg Technique
Learn how to get faster scores by rowing more efficiently on the erg.

Mental Skills

Develop the power of your mind in  classroom seminars focused on various aspects of your mental performance.

Learn how to fuel, when to fuel and what foods should and shouldn't be used as fuel.

Flexibility, Mobility & Balance
Every practice session will involve drills meant to expand range of motion, decrease risk of injury and improve balance.